Membership agreement / 入会規約

club-santa Membership agreement
1.To join club-santa.
Participant pay $18 for sign-up fee, each tuition with Hawaii state Tax
and sign-up documents
to join club-santa.It valid for 3 years from the last participated day.
2.Cancelation policy
The following cancellation charges will be applied as per the date
when the cancellation notice is received by through your credit card.
Cancellations should be received by club-santa during business hours
Monday through Saturday,9:00am – 5:00pm;Hawaii standard time.
A: All=100% of applied program fee with less than 24 hours notice.
We reserve the rights to leave anyone our club with cancellation fee
if you conduct unbecoming a gentleman by our judgement.
B: All participation = 50% of applied program fee with prior notice
untill 1 day before participation .
*Cancellation fee will be charged upon your request.Reservation processing fee
50% of tuition per person are not refundable.
3.Terms and conditions
A: Participants should be the age from 5 through 88+ in good health
to join our club-santa.Some restrictions may applied on each programs.
Club-santa has no responsible for injury, theft, lost or any other accident
on our programs.
B: Participants must be insured by themselves for theft and medical emergency
before joining club-santa.
I agree to comply with this agrrement of club-santa.
I am aware of and assume all risks associated with joining this club-santa,
including, but not limited to, injures, contact with other participants,
wheather including high heat and/or humidities all such risks being known
and appliciated by me.
5: In the event of medical emergency, if neither the parent
or authorized person can be promptly reached,
I authorize the Thoreau & Co., Inc. to take my child(ren) to the nearest hospital
or clinic for medical care.
6: You would be billed directly by the hospital or clinic. you can then give
the bill to your insurance carrier for payment, depending on your coverage.
7: Notes
Depending on the circumstance, this agreement, tuitions, times and places to visit,
every schedule will be changed by club-santa without notice.
We reserve the rights to refuse our service and membership to anyone.
No refundable
I agree to comply with the rules, regulations and instructions of club-santa.
I am aware of ans assume all risks associated with the activities. In consideration for acceptance of this sign up,
I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release club-santa, Thoreau & Co., Inc. and its affiliates parties and companies from any and all injuries suffered by me in this program. I give permission for free use of my name, voice or photo in any media, advertisement of this program.
9.Late fee policy
There is a 15 min. grace period for late pick-up after which a late fee is charged.
$20.00/30min. /person w/o advanced notice.: $10.00/30min. /person /w advanced notice.
In case of P/U @ club-santa after 16:15; D/O @ your current D/O point
after D/O time + 15 min.
10.Children the age of 12 & under must be accompanied by guardians for pick up
& drop off to participate.
11.Sign-in/out: For guardians of children the age of 12 & under,Write the time
your child in/out. Sign with your print name.This is your “official”logging in/out for your child at club-santa.
1.クラブサンタ メンバー登録
2. キャンセル手続きについて
事務所受付=9:00am-16:30pm / 電話受付=9:00am-17:00Pm
A: お申し込みの全てのプログラム=24時間以内のキャンセルについては100%のキャンセル料課金。
B: 全ての申し込み=予約後、1日前までのキャンセル通知については50%。
* 予約費用半額につきましては返金不可となります。
3. 参加注意事項
4. 緊急時の対応について:参加者が未成年の場合、保護者への連絡が早急にとれない場合は
5 .メンバーおよびクラブの質の向上のため参加者および保護者による

6. 尚状況により上記規約、及び参加料金、営業日および時間、訪問先等については
7. 遅刻、延長料について:
8. 12歳以下のお子さんのプログラム参加にあたっては送迎の際に保護者の同行が
9. 12歳以下のお子さんの参加の場合、送迎の際、保護者の方に時間記入と署名をお願いします。